Welcome To My Homeschooling Website! ♥

Hi, I am Mills Ansell Jackson and I am from Swindon, England. I am 12 years old and am currently being home-schooled by my mum.
This website is a place for me to display my learning and to help other home-schooling parents.

(note from mum) We are using CGP for Maths, Letts for Science and English.  I am trying to cover all the year 7 curriculum stuff as well as focusing on well-being and confidence building – Mills cake decorating course and trampolining are part of that.

Mills has done the site map and logo design for this site.  See the subject pages for more info.

We previously travelled in South Korea and Bali in  year 4, some of our stuff is still on this site as I couldn’t get rid of those lovely memories.