Welcome To My Website!!!

I am Milly-Rose aged 8 from Swindon, England.  I am being ‘road schooled’ by my mum while we are traveling.  Our first stop was Seoul in South Korea for 1 month then we went to Bali for a month and then returned to Korea. We are now home in the UK. Mum is still homeschooling me for now so we will start using the website again. Have a look at the fun I have been having on our Instagram page.

My mum made this website and I chose the name and designed the logo.  WHAT I’VE BEEN DOING is my learning blog, I will write in the pages and post up things.

Note From Mum:
To read more about how we are using this website and how I am structuring the road schooling please read MUM’S INFO .  If anyone has ideas/tips/links/ for teaching please contact me . Thanks!

Milly Made Magic