What Are We Doing?!

We are using this website to plan, structure and record the education of Milly-Rose while we embark on a family travel adventure.

I will be planning projects in the Cross Curriculum Projects page, Creating a learning calendar Timetable and then we will record our progress by Milly-Rose posting to her blog What I’ve Been Doing.

As Mills will be away for the beginning of year 4 KS2 I will be focusing on the UK Curriculum at that level. Her end of year report showed levels of 3c/3b but as levels are being scrapped I will just generally look at year 4/5 resources and go by Mills’ own strengths and weaknesses. I have made a note of comments and goals from her school books and will draw from them as well as the year 4 objectives set out by the new curriculum given to me by the head of her last school.

We are using CGP books for Maths and English but I will try and encompass as many objectives into our own designed projects as possible as we have so much rich content to learn about through our travel. As I am a web design I want to draw on my strengths and love of technology to give Mills experience in design, programming and general confidence in technology by utilizing online tools through our learning experience.

We are in South Korea for the first part of the trip so I have designed a couple of projects based on stuff there – As I know Mills responds well to both visual and kinesthetic learning I will try and build the projects with that in mind. Ideas and project notes are a work in progress in the Cross Curriculum Projects section. The English and Maths sections have a more detailed structure of what we are covering.