It is the end of our first Month of home schooling, we have covered the following:

Pronouns, Adverbs, Adjectives, Articles & Prepositions.
Plurals, Homophones & Homographs, Similes, Suffix and Prefix.
Using connectives to form longer more interesting sentences.
Creating characters for The Island project
We have been doing 10 spellings every morning for the last 2 weeks.
We have read The Secret Garden and The Railway Children.

Practice with 2/3 stage maths problems –
Long addition and subtraction problems, the borrow method and applying this to real money problems
6 & 7 times table games & practice
Area & Perimeter
Converting Units: CM & MM, Meters & Kilometers, Grams & Kilograms
Time: 24hr Clock and Time problems, adding minutes etc

Korean Hangul & Korean history basics.

From the above Mills needs more practice with time problems and definitely needs to do more writing! The next phase of our travel is to Bali where I am hoping the peace and quiet will give us time to reflect and write.