Project Ideas – 1 project each 4 week term

Bridges and Light – Modern Korea

Banpo Bridge Light Display Visit
Poetry intro re ideas of light in Poetry (Grammar/poetry terms)
Learn Hanjo App (Languages)
Create a poem based on National Poetry Day 8th October 2015 theme: LIGHT Through Visit to Banpu Bridge Light Display   (Poetry/Grammar/History/Geography/Language/Art/Technology/RE)
How to get there? Plan route, learn Korean name and script for visit. Learn history of Bridge, why built, Concepts of design.(Tech, Language, Hist, Geog)
Size of Bridge comparing (Math)tie in with term 2 converting units of measurement
Create Bridge using TinkerCAD 3D Design software (Tech/Design, maths term 2 2d shapes, symmetry, plot points)
Looking at Modern History of Seoul – Olympics, World Cup – Visit Olympic Park For SOMA Museum of Art & Sculpture Park
Choose a sculpture to draw and write about – using adjective strings (English)
Create a modern sculpture based on what we have seen, materials bought from the local market(Art/History/Handwriting)

A Single Shard Project – Historic Korea

A Single Shard tells the story of a 12-year-old boy an orphan and that lives under a bridge in Ch’ulp’o, a small village in 12th Century Korea. This book will be our starting point to a project involving visiting the Bukchon Hanok Village and other historic sites in Seoul. We will also look at some 12th century pottery at The Leeum Samsung Museum and work with clay ourselves.