The homeschooling website Education Otherwise is a good starting point to legalities and processes but is a bit short of actual teaching tips and resources. So I just Google away… Came across this blog Amongst Lovely Things Seems to come from a religious place but good tips, such as getting Mills to write each morning in a book what she has to do that day (I was thinking the website calendar would do it…Doh!)

Also Only Passionate Curiosity seems OK.

One of the things I am finding difficult is what exercise books to keep – I don’t want it to be confusing as the school had a system that Mills will be useful.

I am thinking so far:
ENGLISH TASKS – Stuff from the text book tasks – Back Pages for Spellings
WONDERFUL WORDS & IDEAS – Special Words and phrases, Similes, Metaphors etc – Back Pages for reading lists
STORIES & WRITING – Characters, Plots, Stories, Poems & Structured Writing, a narrow lined book to encourage hand writing and good presentation

MATHS – Stuff from the Maths text book tasks – Back Pages Times tables and systems
MATHS WORKING OUT – Problem solving rough book

THE FRIDAY CLUB – All the problem solving and ideas for Fridays, cross curriculum

MILLS IN SEOUL – Doodles, fun stuff and anything else Mills wants to fill it with!

TO DO TODAY – The tasks of the day as mentioned above.

I have a science workbook she can write in and other subjects I will play by ear, using the blog, photos and the English stories & writing book to record what we have covered until I need more books!! Am sure I can find ample extra bits in Seoul.