Having been given the Year 4 Maths objectives from Milly-Rose’s ex head I am making sure we cover those but will add extras along the way!! To see where we are with is see see Achieved So Far.

TERM 1 (Korea – Bridges & History)
Times Tables up to 12
Longer addition and subtraction problems with working out and explanation of stages
Time & 24 Hour
Convert units of measure
Counting and understanding negative numbers

TERM 2 (Bali – Mountains & Spirits)
Times Tables up to 12
2D shapes grouped by their properties
Find lines of symmetry in 2D shapes
Plotting points using co-ordinates and joining to make shapes
Using bar charts, tables and other graphs to solve comparisons and sums
Equivalent Fractions, with drawings
Decimals and rounding decimals
Hundredths and tenths

Mills specific points highlighted by her teachers last year were lack of confidence, needing to show workings out and working on two step problems.
I am hoping to build Milly-Rose’s confidence as she is really good at maths but just needs a little more focus.
I am hoping that our Friday Fun Day planning will give us chance to work through real life maths such as working out money, especially the exchange rate which is not easy as the Won is roughly 8000 to a fiver! Also comparing journey times, working within a budget and recording and presenting it.

Our bridge project with Kidicad will tie in with term 1 maths objectives. As we will arrive in Seoul and I’m sure will be hit by the modernity and structures around us I felt that project should be first, hence the order of the
We will use CGP chapters backed up with Squeebles times table app and Squeebles fractions app which is a brilliant cake and pizza building game to learn about fractions. We will also Doodle Maths app. Links on App page.

Kinesthetic Projects will be measuring and creating small structures based around bridges and sculptures
Making Times Tables games and generally being out and about.