From Year 4 English objectives I have planned the following subjects for our Term 1:

Word types
Punctuation and Paragraphs
Creative Sentences to enhance writing
Correcting own work
Characters, Plot and Setting
Create a poem for National Poetry day based on ‘Light’
Create a story

Reading A Single Shard, The Secret Garden, Information Websites about Seoul, Poems
Comprehension tests
Discussing and explaining how language is used in texts we read
Keeping a reference of new or interesting words discovered

Mills specific goals from last term were to build on discussion and debate of books and authors and to use extended sentences with conjunctions.

I know Mills is a strong reader and speller but needs to think about and understand the language used in texts.

We are reading The Secret Garden every evening so I will encourage discussion and thought from that such as looking at how the setting is described and used to give the story atmosphere etc.

A Single Shard will be our ‘Classroom’ reading so Mills can read aloud at times and will give us a basis for further learning.

I am using CGP KS2 English and English Made Easy age 9-10 for specific aspects and will detail everything in the timetable.  We will use the Squeebles Spellings App and Kindle dictionary tools.
Once work has been done it will be in the blog English section